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See the Sea by Partner-in-crime See the Sea :iconpartner-in-crime:Partner-in-crime 8 5 Beginnings by Partner-in-crime Beginnings :iconpartner-in-crime:Partner-in-crime 6 3
The Last Lucozade
Been counting down the weeks
From a six pack bought down the road
Trying to avoid the calendar
Feeling that all time has slowed
I just want to fly back home today
And be able to be myself
Not have to play the peace keeper
Put all their shit on the shelf
Oh to touch down at the airport
And jump up into the car
Although its not too long to go
It still seems so very far
-There's just one thing I have to fear
When I head home and leave from here
All my shit I left at the door
Will it still be there or will there be more
Can I walk past and not give a fuck
Is that to much to ask of luck
The deeper the love the bigger the scar
No matter how much I've stayed afar-
Tomorrow's the last bottle
Perched upon the fridge
To maybe chase some whiskey
But only just a smidge
Been holding onto my tether
Even though it's really frayed
I've just gotta keep thinking
It's the last Lucozade
Just keep counting down
Just keep counting down
Just keep counting down
To the last Lucozade
:iconpartner-in-crime:Partner-in-crime 2 6
Gander Dander by Partner-in-crime Gander Dander :iconpartner-in-crime:Partner-in-crime 7 3 Things you're missing by Partner-in-crime Things you're missing :iconpartner-in-crime:Partner-in-crime 6 8
Dead Flowers
The dead flowers in my garden
May be a terrible sight to see
I'll not tell you why I keep them
That secret's just for me
It wouldn't take a genius
To be able to figure it out
Why I still water those dead flowers
Every time there's hint of drought
I planted them in the garden
And chose for them to be there
Though I know they're dead and gone
And stopped with hopeful prayer
Though people plant weeds amongst them
And trust me they have tried
There were my most precious flowers
Still now since they died
To most they are an eyesore
The downfall of the garden
I'm sorry they're so offended
They'll have to beg my pardon
This garden is mine you see
To do with what I wish
And not seeing healthy buds on them
Is something I wholeheartedly miss
No love or tender pruning
Will ever bring them back
And even though I've tried three times
I must stop before I crack
Don't think for a moment
The others don't get T.L.C
For I care for everything
That means anything to me
So for the time being
They'll stay w
:iconpartner-in-crime:Partner-in-crime 5 7
I was dead once
Floating freezing blue in depths of the wine dark sea
Thick ice layer muffled noises
keeping sombre reverence
I was numb
Spring wore away at its wintry top
and while daisies pushed up
I floated to the surface
With lion winds coaxing goose pimples from my skin
Life shouted from the shoreline
beating on my eardrums
The current moved my limbs
and slid me to the shoreline
Soft sand and pebbles tickling toes
pressing in pins and needles
Young wildflowers forced their scent
deep into my lungs
As the grass grew taller
so did I
Womb wet offspring pressed into my arms
bleating babes to hush and snuggle close
Watched them become strong and frolic in the pastures
undeterred by drip drops of April showers
and when the sky crashed out in thundering rage
took shelter under ancient giants
whose deep roots geld them firm
Their leafy arms cocooning in the lee
humming soft songs into sleepy doze
Smiles carved in crow's feet and laugher lines
But slowly as the sun got higher
heat c
:iconpartner-in-crime:Partner-in-crime 5 3
To be a horse by Partner-in-crime To be a horse :iconpartner-in-crime:Partner-in-crime 19 10 Misty Morn by Partner-in-crime Misty Morn :iconpartner-in-crime:Partner-in-crime 20 34 Roses by Partner-in-crime Roses :iconpartner-in-crime:Partner-in-crime 7 4 Slumber by Partner-in-crime Slumber :iconpartner-in-crime:Partner-in-crime 5 3 Churchyard by Partner-in-crime Churchyard :iconpartner-in-crime:Partner-in-crime 2 4
Irishman's love poems
He sat me down one day and said
C'mon Babog you're wreckin me head
He stroked my hair and held my hand
Just a simple statement, not a demand:
You're away to Looneyland for a visit
I've gone there too so I'll not be a bigot
Wipe away the frown off your beautiful face
Let's sit together and imagine a happier place
Please don't worry about the past
Try and stay calm, these feelings won't last
Forget the panic about losing many a friend
Forgive yourself and let your heart mend
I've fallen hard for your happiest smile
So much to one day walk you down the aisle
I'm begging you not to feel so sad
Cause my love, you beat yourself up so bad
So cuddle in close for a warm safe cwutch
And remember I do love you, so very much
Don't get scared when the future comes near
Always know, I'll always be here.
:iconpartner-in-crime:Partner-in-crime 6 7
Words from the wise
you're like the sun
he said
just so fucking intense
you could drive me insane
dry out my body or ignite me
you keep me warm on stormy nights
and fuel the flames that were ebbing out in my chest
yet there are so many overcast, gloomy days
but those rays of light still flicker
and when the sickly, sodden fogs swarm thick
you eventually manage to burn through
lighting the way
my own personal spotlight
you see
my ghrian
when you're sad
you are just so very very sad
but when you're happy
and when you shine
you cant help but make everyone
:iconpartner-in-crime:Partner-in-crime 1 0
My Dearest Regrets

I apologise it's taken me so long to write
but with shaking hands
tightened throat
i find myself composing
to you
why keep invading my happiest thoughts
when i'm busy trying not to think of you
thick hot feelings in my chest don't want to remember
as you have so easily forgotten me
at the click of a button
the flick of a switch
my dearest
deepest regrets
why appear when i'm about to succeed
i am born to live
not relive these choices
i regret
my darling
but you are still my dearest
darkest regrets
laughing with me in a victory dance
i wish we hadn't died so young
beautiful bright blue
skies make me smile
especially when it rains and
i still
sing off key to stupid love songs you wrote
stained cigarette smoke
is engraved in my car
and the banjo will always beat guitar
do you remember the sea winds
blowing whispered names
and memories that were just our imagination
messages in the bottle
i know i have
treading water and remembered
how much i love to swim
strangers and frie
:iconpartner-in-crime:Partner-in-crime 4 9
Thunder by Partner-in-crime Thunder :iconpartner-in-crime:Partner-in-crime 11 10

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Tue Jan 26, 2016, 2:49 AM
Thanks for the fave o3o
Wed Oct 21, 2015, 1:14 AM
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Afternoon all!

I'm looking for some help :}

A person to do some photo touch-ups, resizing
A person to do some simple line designs and patterns

Sadly I cant pay very much but I WILL pay what I can.

I've been asking those near and dear and dA friends fall into that of course (especially seeing as I have so many talented watchers and friends on here)

Anyways any help is appreciated

Much love x
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Afternoon all!

I'm looking for some help :}

A person to do some photo touch-ups, resizing
A person to do some simple line designs and patterns

Sadly I cant pay very much but I WILL pay what I can.

I've been asking those near and dear and dA friends fall into that of course (especially seeing as I have so many talented watchers and friends on here)

Anyways any help is appreciated

Much love x
  • Listening to: Nights with you- MO
  • Watching: Dads Army
See the Sea
Anytime I'm home within a day I'm back at the sea. Its strange how you notice so many things  when they're not there anymore and for me- missing the sea and all that comes with it is generally in the forefront of my mind. I used to see the sea everyday without fail (hey that's Ireland for you) and now its just like "the sewers are stinking" lol

Hope you like this one from my last trip home - Ive actually printed it off and stuck it on my wall- so I get to see a slice of the ocean

Comments appreciated :]
Devastated about not getting my pear badge D:
Hey everyone it's been a while.

Not sure if anyone here would be interested but I've opened a business and would be grateful if you could swing by and take a look :]…

Also have a peek at my Instagram!…

Cheers M'dears :]
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